Well - known research - and development institutions

Embedded in the technology region of Aachen with its enormous importance in research and development paired with a significant quality of life and an open minded border region of Aachen. With this position you have chosen an area that meets a variety of expectations regarding the scientific environment. Respectable and well-known scientific institutions are located close by with names like "Rheinisch - Westfälisch - Technische Hochschule" (RWTH) Aachen, and the "Technical College" in Aachen.

International groups like Ford and Ericsson located their research point here for the good reason of benefiting from the position of a positive investment climate, a high number of excellent trained (educated) and skilled staff and a high potential of scientific knowledge. Their praxis-directed working philosophy is well known and requested across the borders. This fact benefits from by the economical middle class and numerous technical inventors in the region of Aachen.