The optimum offer in the technology region Aachen

The trade and business park "Aachener Land"(approximately 13.000 square meters) goes back in time to a private initiative, but works closely and cooperative with the public offices. The town Alsdorf as well as the economical support institutions for the region Aachen support companies with the intention to settle in matters like how to apply to necessary confirmations or possibilities of support.

In the trade- and business park "Aachener Land" you find several ways to settle with your company: Office sites, ready to move in, (to be taken over) construction on pre confirmed estates or ready for your use, production and logistic space are only two of many other options we are offering.

Especially for production as well as for the clean room technique with its different expectations standard requirement are fixed (agreed upon), which enable the set up of production or assembling line within a short period of time. Also for a additional varieties of use the different properties are prepared to adjust fast and uncomplicated to the demands of the users.

It is worth a comparison concerning investment costs with other locations!

Entrance Area Aerial photo of the Trade- and business park Aachener Land